About Thunderbird Oil and Gas

Thunderbird Oil & Gas is a company which negotiates oil and gas leases with mineral owners.  It researches title ownership, contacts mineral owners, some who do not even know they own minerals, and puts together prospects so they can be drilled and developed.  It creates millions of dollars in value for companies who drill and people who have mineral rights.  Many of its projects would not have been developed without the expertise and commitment that Thunderbird brings to the table.

In North American Indian Mythology, the Thunderbird was a powerful spirit in the form of a bird that watered the earth and made vegetation grow.  We cannot make it rain, but we feel that Thunderbird people are unsurpassed in the following areas:

  1. Sorting out complex mineral ownerships some of which arise many years ago. Locating mineral owners or their heirs when others cannot. Working with land owners in crafting an oil and gas lease that works for both parties which allows surface utilization with the least possible interference to surface rights
  2. Putting together small tracts such as subdivision or rural residential tracts to create horizontal drilling units

For questions or comments please email: info@thunderbirdoilandgas.com